Teen Accused Of Bullying Classmate Out Of $6,800


A 17-year-old Texas student in the Katy Independent School District has been accused of intimidating a younger classmate to steal money from his parents.

Between June and October, the teen received $6,800 from his classmate, according to KRIS-TV. He faces felony charges related to the alleged bullying.

"I'm very scared of what might happen to me," he said, "and if I end up with a fine, the felony charge is going to keep me from getting a job."

The charge is aggregate theft, which could land him behind bars for up to two years, according to KPRC. 

But the teen says he didn't intimidate his classmate. According to him, they were accomplices.

"He was taking money from his parents to give it to me so I could purchase things for him and me to share," he said. According to him, the other boy wanted to hide the purchases from his parents, who would disapprove. 

"It was all his idea," he continued. "He was the one stealing the money to give it to me so I could supplement his desire for electronics, and his desire to binge eat."

With the money, the charged teen purchased large amounts of food, video games, and game systems. He claims that their partnership fell apart after the two argued about who would keep an Xbox One, after which the younger boy confessed to his parents. 

The accused says he regrets the role he played in the thefts. "My avarice came and bit me in the neck. And I just, it's my own dang fault that it kept going, I could have stopped it at any anytime, but I kept asking for more."

One anonymous KPRC commenter, however, doesn't buy the story. "I can't believe a 17 year old boy is so obese.  During his short interview he accuses the other kid of wanting to satisfy a desire to binge-eat.  I think it's obvious where the large amounts of food went."

Another commenter, who claims she went to elementary school with the accused, says that he's a good guy. "He's a big teddy bear, and everybody at that school knows it. They have been trashed and teased for being different their entire life. [Literally] since we were in elementary. Don't judge a book by its cover people."

Sources: KRIS-TVKPRC / Photo credit: KPRC

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