High School Tradition Turns Violent, Police Called (Video)

An annual tradition at the Saugus High School in Saugus, Massachusetts, recently took an unexpected violent turn that led to one student being arrested (video below).

The school's senior class traditionally camps out in front of the school building in tents, and the junior class pulls a prank on them.

This year, members of the junior class stood on top of the school's roof and threw water balloons and eggs at the senior class, some of whom responded by throwing rocks.

“When you see the windows of cars being smashed and rocks flying everywhere it was just crazy,” senior Joey Aversa told CBS Boston.

Police were called, which resulted in another injury when a female student was reportedly hit by a police car.

“I blacked out. I don’t remember being hit. I just remember rolling on top of the roof and then onto the ground hurting my back and chin,” said senior Janine Bourque.

“The people of the town are disturbed. This should never have happened. There should’ve been supervision. We take these matters seriously,” said school committee member Arthur Grabowski.

Source: CBS Boston


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