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High School to Test Students' Hair for Drugs, Alcohol (Video)

Students at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois will have to undergo drug testing for illicit drugs and alcohol this year via their hair.

St. Viator High School will test hair samples to see if a student has used alcohol in the past 90 days, but claims the test won't pick up traces of alcohol from Communion wine.

The school has apparently been drug testing students since 2007, notes CBS Chicago (video below).

“We’re adding this test because we care about our kids and we want them to be the that best God created them to be,” Corey Brost, St. Viator President, told CBS Chicago.

Parents apparently support the policy because their kids don't act accountable to them.

“It’s a great vehicle for them to understand that if you’re not going to be accountable to your parents, you’re going to be accountable to somebody,” said parent Joe Farwell.

The private Catholic school does have the right to drug test the students, if they choose to go to the school.

CBS Chicago's report made no mention of any civil rights' issues and portrayed parents and students as supporting the drug testing without question.

Source: CBS Chicago


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