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High School Tells Student Not To Fly Confederate Flags, Apologizes, Says She Can (Video)

A high school student in North Fort Myers, Florida, was recently told to leave campus because her pickup truck sported two Confederate flags, however, the school ended up apologizing and allowing her back on campus with the flags (video below).

"[The vice principal] came out and told me that I had to leave and I asked him why and he said that the American flag was fine to fly, but I couldn't fly my two Confederate flags," 11th grader Sky Hunter told WPTV.

Sky recalled that she protested, but the vice principal stood firm about the flags.

"He told me parking my truck there, it was my vehicle, my responsibility to get rid of the flags and I told him its my vehicle, its my responsibility, I should be able to fly what I like on them," Hunter added.

The high schooler went home, and her dad drove her back to school.

"It''s a heritage, and I mean, I don't understand why she can't fly them, freedom of speech, and I don't understand what's going on," Sky's father John Hunter stated.

"I wasn't expecting to be told to leave right on the spot especially in the rude manner I was asked," Sky added. 

Sky claimed that the flags were bolted to her truck and she could not have removed them.

A spokesperson for the Lee County School District told NBC2 that the high school later called Sky's family to apologize and let her know that she could bring her Confederate flags on campus.

"I think that everyone should be able to fly them, not only because it's our history, but because we have freedom to do so," Sky told NBC2.

John claimed the Confederate flag meant fishing, hunting and being a family.

The Lee County School District does have a policy against offending flags that cause disruptions. The policy allows school officials to ask for the removal of the offending flag and to send the student home.

The Lee County School District spokesperson claimed there was no disruption caused by the flag.

However, someone at school did bend one of the flags after Sky drove her truck back.

Neither NBC2 or WPTV asked Sky or her father about the true history of the Confederate flag.

Sources: Daily Mail, Florida Memory, The Week, WPTV, NBC2 / Photo Credit: NBC2 Screenshot


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