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High School Teacher Has Message For 'Crackers' on Twitter: 'Kill Yourselves!'

A teacher at Duncanville High School in Texas has been suspended without pay and is expected to be terminated after posting an offensive tweet encouraging white people to kill themselves, reports The Dallas Morning News.

In a classic case of “when keeping it real goes wrong,” The Duncanville Independent School District has taken swift disciplinary action against Vinita Hegwood after an incendiary tweet she posted on Friday: “Who the f*** made you dumb duck a** crackers think I give a squat f*** about your opinions on my opinions RE: #Ferguson. Kill yourselves!”

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The tweet and account were deleted shortly after – but not before it was brought to the attention of the ISD, who issued this statement on Sunday regarding the matter:

“As an individual, Ms. Vinita Hegwood expressed an opinion on social media that is solely her own. She used her personal social media account to make remarks that are offensive. While everyone has the right to free speech, as a teacher in the district, we believe the comments that are alleged to be made by Ms. Hegwood are absolutely reprehensible and we do not condone it.”

WFAA tried to get in contact with Hegwood but were only able to speak with her husband, who claims that there is more to the story but would not give any details.

The Dallas News reports that the ISD met with Hegwood earlier this morning and that she admits to posting the controversial tweet. They issued another statement claiming that Hegwood “has been placed on suspension without pay pending discharge.”

“The district wants the community to know that the actions of this one individual does not and should not represent the school district,” the statement continued. “Everyday, two hundred and forty Duncanville High School teachers provide a school environment that fosters academic excellence, good citizenship and respect for others. Teachers give their life’s work to shaping the future, and this one individual does not represent our staff or our district."

Hegwood was with the district for two years.

Source: Dallas Morning News, WFAA


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