High School Suspends Senior Class President Wesley Teague for Criticizing Sport Teams

A teen was suspended for tweeting his negative opinion about his school's sports teams, and is also not allowed to give a speech at the commencement ceremony. 

Wesley Teague, senior class president of Heights High School in Kansas, is an athlete himself. He sent out a tweet that read, "HeightsU is equivalent to WSU's football team." Teague was referring to Wichita State University, whose football team hasn't existed since 1986.

That tweet made many of his classmates angry, as they use #HeightsU when they talk about their school and the pride they have in their sports teams.

He also tweeted a few more messages in defense of his initial statement. 

His tweets ended up getting him suspended for the rest of the year and preventing him from giving a speech at the senior breakfast and convocation ceremony. Teague will be able to participate in the commencement ceremony.

His mother, Kirsten Teague, is trying to get the suspension appealed, but they do not have much time. There is only a week left of school.

"I think it's a bit overreacting…I don't really think there's anything wrong with what Wesley did," she said.

But school officials don't agree with her. A letter sent to his home from assistant principal Monique Arndt said, "Wesley posted some very inappropriate tweets about the Heights athletic teams, aggressively disrespecting many athletes… after reading the tweets and taking statements from other students it was found that Wesley acted to incite the majority of our Heights athletes."

A spokeswoman for the school district, Susan Arensman, sided with the assistant principal's decision.

"It caused a major disruption to the school day. Other students were also suspended," she said. She does not know how many others were suspended, however.

Supporters of Wesley have created the hashtag #TeamWesley and #FreeWesley.

Sources: Inquisitr,CNET


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