High School Students Obtain Lawyer After Being Suspended For Wearing Overalls To Football Game (Video)


A number of students were suspended from a Minnesota high school for wearing overalls to school. Now, some of them are taking legal action.

There’s been a long-standing tradition at Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minnesota, involving students wearing overalls and taking part in a group called the “Hard Hats.” For over 20 years, members of the Hard Hats show up at school, football games and other events to promote school spirit. The overalls are a staple of the group, but a recent decision to ban them from school property has angered many.

School district officials decided that they didn’t want students to wear overalls anymore in the hopes that it would help to dissolve the spirit group, but many high school kids decided that they didn’t want to listen, so they showed up to school wearing them anyway. Cell phone video allegedly captured a confrontation between students and teachers over the ban. The teachers insisted that the students go home to change, but the teens refused.

“They love the Hard Hats! They are a spirit team, they get the crowd going," said Stephanie Varone, mother of a suspended Hard Hat member, to Fox 9 News. "The football players love them.”

To further protest the rule, students decided to show up at a recent football game wearing overalls, and while they stood outside of the fence cheering and not being allowed to watch the game, many of their parents spoke to the district superintendent. As a result of their decision to show up to the game wearing the overalls, most of them were suspended for three days for what the school calls “insubordination.”

Now, a lawyer is representing members of the Hard Hats in a case against the school.

“We've got 10 kids not going to school this week because they tried wearing overalls at a football game,” said attorney Steve Weintraut.

Reports also say that students who defended the Hard Hats at the football game may also face disciplinary action.

Sources: Fox 9 News


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