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High School Students Make Unfortunate Find On Food (Photos)

Students of a Kansas high school have taken to social media to complain about the quality of food being served at their school lunches.

Photos of moldy food allegedly sold to students at Derby High School have been making the rounds on social media.

“It’s ridiculous when you get an apple that has a black hole in it and it’s covered in white crusts,” Derby student Linnea Engstrom told KAKE.

Engstrom was one of the first Derby High School students to share a photo of her moldy food on Twitter, which then prompted other students to share their findings as well. According to Engstrom, students find mold on their food from school so often that “we’re not even surprised or shocked by it anymore.”  She added that students have even been given food past its expiration date.

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According to Engstrom, she has not personally made complaints to school administrators about the food, though other students she knows who have made complaints have allegedly been ignored.

“Complaints about school lunches isn’t anything new, people complain about school lunches all the time,” she said. “No one pays attention to it because it’s the same thing over and over again.”

Engstrom told KAKE that she does not wish to attack her school district, but that she hopes something will be done about the disgusting state of the school’s lunches.

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“I know that changes can’t be made automatically but hopefully it starts to bring about changes in the school,” she said.

After complaints from students made local news, Derby school administrators announced that they would be working to correct the problems with their school lunches. The announcement, obtained by KAKE, came in the form of a letter sent to district parents, which you can read below.

To: Derby High School Parents
From: Heather Bohaty
Subject: Derby Public Schools Meals

Over the past week students via social media have reached out regarding food quality at Derby High School. We are working with our Food Service Department to correct the concerns presented. We are having further conversations with staff to check labeling
and to double-check fresh fruit and vegetable items to make sure they are to the highest standards that we all expect.

An additional step we’re taking is discontinuing red
delicious apples. After being washed, the FDA approved wax coating leaves a white residue, which has been misconstrued as mold. We appreciate the students sharing their concerns, so we can rectify this issue. We serve over 5,000 meals daily and always want to make sure they are of the highest quality.

Sources: / Photo credit: KAKE

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