Students Face Serious Charges For Racially Motivated Bullying (Video)

Three Allentown, Pennsylvania students are facing criminal charges after video of them bullying other students due to their skin color made waves online.

The unidentified students, two 15 years old and one 14 years old, are facing summary harassment charges as well as ethnic intimidation charges. Parents of the bullied students are outraged that school security officers and hall monitors, who were present while the incident took place, did nothing to help the situation.

"There's a certain noise level in the cafeteria, and something like that doesn't attract the attention of a teacher," said Allentown Superintendent Russell Mayo. "Obviously if a fight would break out, with the noise being created, that attracts attention. But not necessarily an incident like this."

During the nearly three-minute video, the teens are shown smacking one victim in the back of the head while calling their video the “Smack Cam 3.” The teens also comment on the appearances of their peers, who are quietly sitting at a table, and refer to one as “pink.”

"Hopefully, it [charges] will provide them with some structure and discipline so they can work through these issues and not repeat it," said David Zimmerman, a school board member and parent of one of the bullied students. “It will be truly up to them what they do, and if they keep repeating this behavior, I don't think their futures are really bright.”

The teens are now facing criminal charges, but their hearings won’t be public, as only felony juvenile trials are made public.


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