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High School Students Engage In 'Horrifying' Brawl On A Philadelphia Subway Platform

Surveillance cameras captured the moment a Philadelphia subway station became the scene of a royal rumble match when a group of teenagers started an all-out brawl on the platform.

SEPTA police said the footage (video below) was “horrifying,” and school district officials said the teens are lucky no one was killed during the fight.

The incident occurred on April 21 at the Spring Garden subway station along the Broad Street Line, CBS Philly reported.

In the video, a group of high school students appear to be just standing around. Then suddenly, one student swings at another and chaos ensues.

Multiple groups of students are seen fighting all over the subway platform. One student is thrown off the platform and onto the tracks only to jump back up and start stomping on another student.

“It’s an outrageous event. It’s so dangerous it’s not even funny,” Chief of SEPTA Police Thomas Nestel said. “We have operating trains down here. There are passengers waiting for the train.”

Police believe the students involved are from nearby Ben Franklin High School. They also believe the fight was planned.

The Philadelphia School District is assisting the police with their investigation.

“What we have seen is a brutal fight that could have ended up with the loss of life, really,” said Fernando Gallard, school district official.

While the video shows a lot of violence, no serious injuries were reported and no one filed a complaint with the authorities.

By the time police arrived at the station, the suspects had gotten away. Two victims have been identified and police say it’s only a matter of time before the suspects who started the fight are arrested.

“We will be making sure and supporting SEPTA -— that there are criminal charges in addition to anything else we will do in the school regarding this incident,” Gallard said.

Community College of Philadelphia student Edward Busch argued that charges help but don’t solve the problem.

“More education, less incarceration,” Busch told WPVI. “And maybe involvement you know what I mean — as far as CCP or maybe any other colleges that wanted to mentor the teens in high school.”

Sources: CBS Philly, WPVI

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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