High School Students And Driver May Face Criminal Charges For Attack On School Bus (Video)


Three 16-year-old students and a bus driver may face criminal charges for their involvement in an attack on a school bus in Chester, Pa.

The charges would come after a video surfaced on Facebook, showing a student beating 17-year-old student Dylan Fonner in the face. Sixteen-year-old CJ Buonadonna was also targeted in the attack. 

The children all attended The County Alternative High School in Middletown, Pa. Fonner and Bounadonna reported that they have repeatedly been bullied by those that committed the attack.

The bus driver would be charged for the “Seinfeld”-esque crime of witnessing the attack but doing nothing to stop it. Speaking to CBS Philly, one of Fonner’s neighbors agreed that the bus driver should be punished for not intervening in the attack. 

“Why didn’t the bus driver, I can’t understand how he can sit there and see this happen and not put a stop to it?” said the neighbor, Judy Blair. “I know things happen on a bus but kids will be kids but this went too far, it really did.”

The Chester Police Commissioner, Joseph Bail, claimed that the law enforcement agency would go through with its effort to charge the students and the driver with criminal offenses. Bail claimed that the bus driver never reported the incident even though he witnessed the entire event.

“I have a problem with a grown adult not reporting it,” Bail said.

The video clearly demonstrates the attack on Fonner and Buonadonna, which resulted in blood splattering on the floor of the vehicle. The bus driver, meanwhile, continues driving and barely acknowledges that anything is going on, despite yells from the backseat and punches being thrown. 

The attackers have allegedly been expelled from the school, but their identities have yet to be released to the media. Law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate the incident and the related footage to determine whether or not a criminal charge is necessary. 


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