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High School Student Who Rescued Blind Classmate From Bully Gets Kicked Off Football Team (Video)

A Huntington Beach, California, teen who rushed to help a blind classmate being beaten by a bully has been kicked off of his high school's football team, the Daily Mail reports.

The Huntington Beach High School student has been called a hero for stopping the bully, but his school has a "zero-tolerance" policy on violence.

Video of the fight (below) shows the bully punching the blind student when another student rushes in from off-camera and, with one hard punch to the face, knocks the bully to the ground. He then approaches the bully and says, "You trying to jump a f------ blind kid, bro? What the f--- is your problem?"

The video ends with the teen warning the bully, "I swear to God, if you f--- with this kid again, I will f--- you up."

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

The video quickly went viral, and many viewers called the teen a hero for stopping the abuse of his blind classmate.

The bully was arrested Sept. 24 on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and has since been released to his parents, according to police.

Officer Jennifer Marlatt said the victim and his attacker "have a history of not getting along." An argument started when the blind student walked past the bully, and it quickly turned physical, according to Marlatt.

Other students said the blind student was attacked for no reason, the Daily Mail reports.

No arrest is expected for the student who intervened, but the school said that he breached their "zero-tolerance" policy on violence and they reportedly kicked him off the football team.

A petition to have him reinstated has been created online and has more that 1,000 responses in defense of the intervening teen. 

School officials said they're sticking by their decision.

"Huntington Beach High School has a very strong anti-bullying code of conduct and will not condone this type of behavior from any student," the district said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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