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High School Student Suspended for NRA Gun T-Shirt (Video)

Shane Kinney, 16, enjoys hunting and is a member of the National Rifle Association, but when he wore his NRA T-shirt to school recently, it caused an uproar.

Wayne and Kim Kinney say their son was suspended from Grand Island High School in New York for violating the school's dress code, which does not allow clothing that will "disrupt or interfere with the educational process."

The NRA shirt featured the group's pro-gun logo over crossed rifles.

"It's the same shirt he's worn before, but this time they said something about it," Wayne Kinney told WGRZ (video below). "They said [the problem] was the guns."

"Just by wearing the shirt, yes, it has guns on it, but it doesn't mean you are for any kind of violence," stated Kim Kinney.

According to, when the school told Shane Kinney to turn his T-shirt inside out, he refused.

However, that refusal also violates part of the dress code: "Any student who refuses to do so or who ... fails to comply shall be subject to discipline," it reads.

"Shane will probably not wear shirts like this to school anymore," said Kim Kinney. "He can hold firmly to his beliefs, but for those 7 hours a day, five days a week he's in school, you have to kind of follow their rules, like it or not. But he'll move on, he'll graduate, and probably serve our country and wear lots of shirts like that."

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