High School Student Suspended for Dressing Up as Homeless Man for Class Assignment


A high school student in Pennsylvania was suspended after dressing up as a homeless man for a class assignment.

Michael Bodomov, 17, made a convincing homeless man even though his drama class assignment went awry.  The class participants at Mount Lebanon High School outside of Pittsburgh were assigned to create a character and be that character for an entire day. Bodomov, who reportedly is considering going to college for theater, decided to create a homeless character. He’s apparently a good actor, because school officials had no idea it was him.

Bodomov dressed in layers of coats, smeared ink on his face, wore fingerless gloves, and had plastic bags for socks. His mother reportedly dropped him off at school early, before the main entrance was open, so he tried to get in the side one. A school official questioned him, and he at first tried to stay in character, but when they refused to let him in, he tried to tell them he was a student. They still didn’t buy it.

"At one point, I think I said, 'I might be a student here,'" he told the AP, and the official apparently responded, "No, you can't be. You look like you're 30 and you haven't showered in 10 days."

"It's not like this entire time I wasn't trying to let them know I was a student," said Bodomov. "It was pretty funny to me."

The police were eventually called, and once it was discovered that the homeless man was in fact Bodomov, he was suspended for insubordination.

Bodomov thinks that the school overreacted, but his mother actually agrees with the suspension, saying that it’s comforting to know the school is so concerned with the safety of the students.


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