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High School Student Suspended for Defending Gay Student from Attack (Video)

Mark Betterson, a student at East Lee County High School in Lehigh Acres, Fla., recently learned that his school's "zero-tolerance policy" includes defending other students under assault.

Betterson claims that he tried to stop a fellow student James Griffin from attacking a gay student, Jonathan Colon (video below).

According to Betterson, he witnessed Griffin throw milk in Colon's face, use gay slurs and hit the gay student.

"Jonathan was just going to stand there and get beat up," Betterson told Fox 4 Now. "And if I didn't jump into it, it would have gotten serious. I was just trying to break up the whole thing because it's just not fair for somebody to get beat up for something that he is."

Betterson said that after he intervened, Griffin assaulted him and the two ended up in a fight.

However, Griffin insists Colon approached him, said some insults and gave him the finger.

"I don't know what made [Betterson] do this, but it was very rude," Griffin told NBC 2. "He didn't come in like, 'I'm going to save Jonathan.' He came in already with pressure toward me."

Griffin was charged with battery by local police, while Betterson was suspended for 10 days.

Sources: NBC 2 and Fox 4 Now


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