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Michigan High Schooler's Open-Back Dress Gets Her Kicked Out Of Prom

Mireya Briceno, a high school student in Muskegon, Michigan, was sent home from her school's prom on April 24 for violating the school’s dress code. However, Briceno and her mother feel she was wrongfully removed from the dance.

According to Michigan Live, Briceno wore a polka dot dress with an open back, which violated the dress code. Her mother, Connie Briceno, told Michigan Live: “I felt she was classy and elegant. She was perfect.”

FOX17 reported that one of the rules in the dress code states that midriffs cannot be exposed.

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Briceno reportedly entered the dance with a jacket but was kicked out about an hour later.

“She called me from the parking lot," her mother recalled. "She got in her car and started crying.”

Muskegon High School Principal Brad Perkins told FOX17 that two other girls were asked to leave but returned after finding something to cover their dresses. He added that when the vice principal asked Briceno if she wore the jacket into the prom because she knew she was violating the dress code, Briceno responded, "Yes." Briceno and her mother, however, dispute that claim. They say that Briceno wore the coat because it was cold outside.

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Perkins said that the school made the students aware of the dress code multiple times. Students also had to sign a waiver saying that they understood the dress code before buying prom tickets.

Briceno’s mother said the family read the guidelines and thought her dress was within the rules. She asked the school for an explanation but did not get an answer.

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“All I wanted is for him to call me and give me an explanation,” she said.

Luckily for Briceno, her boyfriend goes to a different high school so she can still attend his prom. She plans to wear a different dress.

Sources: Michigan Live, FOX 17 / Photo Source: Screenshots


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