High School Student Jeremy Alexander Sent Home for Wearing Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt


A high school student in Moore, Okla., claims he was suspended for wearing a breast cancer awareness shirt that was offensive to women. According to the school principal, the student was not suspended but asked to go home and change into appropriate attire.

Jeremy Alexander, a junior at Southmoore High School, wore a T-shirt that said “twin peaks” on the front and “save the scenic views” on the back. A photograph of the shirt is pictured at right.

“I was wearing it for a good cause which is all that should matter,” said Alexander.

The shirt’s designer, Southmoore senior Deric Winters, argues that his shirt was never meant to be offensive in any way.

“I was sitting in my DECA class and just said hey let’s try to sell a t-shirt with DECA to try to raise money for us and also to go to breast cancer,” Winters told MyFoxOKC.

When the school refused to sell the shirts, Winters teamed up with the nearby Twin Peaks Restaurant. He said that hundreds of the shirts have been sold, including to several teachers and women.

“It’s supporting breast cancer,” Winters added. “You shouldn't tell students no.”

Winters argues that Southmoore is hypocritical for banning his shirt but allowing other suggestive shirts. The school itself had reportedly sold a number of breast cancer awareness shirts with similar messages, such as “save second base” and “big or small, save them all.”

The Southmoore principal admitted to the “save second base” shirts being sold, but denied knowledge of “big or small, save them all” shirts. According to the Daily Mail, the principal has now banned all three breast cancer shirts from the school.

The remaining “twin peaks” shirts are now being sold for $20 each at Twin Peaks Restaurant. All of the proceeds benefit Oklahoma Project Woman, a local organization that provides free mammograms and diagnostic procedures for women with limited financial resources.

Sources: Daily MailMyFoxOKC


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