High School Student Caught On Camera Attacking Substitute Teacher (Video)


A student viciously attacked a substitute teacher in Yonkers, New York, after he told the teen he wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom.

Video captured by another student shows the 16-year-old hitting and swearing at part-time teacher and football coach, Ron Santavicca, on Friday morning. The teen allegedly became angry when Santavicca told him he couldn’t use the bathroom, and reacted violently.

“The teacher was, like, telling him, ‘Don’t leave,’ and then the kid came out of the classroom, and the teacher went after him, and that’s when the kid attacked the teacher,” student Rocio Vidao said. “The kid was, like, telling him, ‘OK, come at me, come at me,’ to the teacher, and then supposedly the teacher went to him, and that’s when they started fighting.”

The student reportedly threw a number of punches at Santavicca before putting him in a headlock.

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Jairo Veras, a teacher at another Yonkers area school, said he was troubled by what happened. “I don't see any respect for the teacher, the authority in the school,” Veras said. “It's a really, really bad situation.” Veras has two daughters at the school, one of whom is in the same grade as the attacker.

Students at the school said Santavicca had been a substitute there for a long time. “I kind of felt bad,” senior Alejandro Diaz said. “Like, I don’t think he, like, really even was able to get into a fight with anybody.”

Authorities are now investigating the incident. Santavicca, who was not injured in the attack, will not be allowed to teach at Yonkers area school until the investigation is complete.

The student was suspended and faces a hearing with the superintendent to discuss further discipline.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS New York / Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk


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