High School Student Brutally Punched In The Face By Classmate (Video)


Shocking video shows a Georgia high school sophomore being repeatedly punched in the face by a classmate in a locker room, and now, the victim’s father is calling for more serious charges against the perpetrator.

High school student David Egan was forced to undergo facial reconstruction surgery after being assaulted by his unnamed fellow student. According to reports, the other boy accused Egan of stealing his tennis shoes, and even though Egan denied it, the student got so angry that he punched him hard in the face. Egan appears to stumble following the first punch, and after he is shoved into a locker, the student throws a second punch that brought the victim to the ground.

Egan’s father Daniel says that the school called him to come pick up his son, but wonders why an ambulance was never called.

"This is my child," said Daniel Egan. "How would you feel if you saw a person fracturing his face, smashing him up against a locker, punching him so hard that it breaks his nose off his skull?"

The student that punched Egan was charged with misdemeanor battery, and the school took disciplinary action. Still, Daniel Egan says he wants more to be done.

“When they treat it like a schoolyard shuffle, you are thinking these are just kids,” said Daniel. “He didn't throw sand in his eyes, he didn't stab him in the arm with a pencil, he broke his skull.”

School district spokesperson Jorge Quintana released a statement saying that he believes the school acted appropriately and that although the crime was heinous, the student may only be able to be charged as a juvenile because of his age.

“The student is a juvenile. I understand that this offense does not qualify to charge a juvenile as an adult in the state of Georgia. The seven offenses under which a juvenile can be charged as an adult are listed under OCGA 15-11-560,” said Quintana. “Typically when there is a fight, 911 is not called as adults intervene. Injured students are typically taken to the clinic to receive immediate care from the clinic worker. Parents are then called. The school handled this case well, acting immediately to care for the injured student and to investigate so that appropriate disciplinary and criminal charges could be made.”

The incident is still under investigation, and David Egan is currently recovering from reconstructive surgery.


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