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Student Attacked After Declaring Support For Trump (Video)

Video has surfaced showing the moment a high school student confronted another teenager after she posted on Instagram about her support for President-elect Donald Trump (video below).

Jade Armenio, who attends Woodside High in Woodside, California, posted her opinion about the vote on election night, KGO reported.

“This girl comes up to me and she said, 'Do you hate Mexicans?' and I was like, 'no,' and she said, 'You support Trump. You hate Mexicans,’” Armenio said.

The girl struck Armenio, pulled out her hair and earrings, and threw her to the ground. Armenio had a bloody nose, scratches and bruises.

“I don't think I could name one person on any of my accounts who didn't say their opinion last night,” Armenio added.

Armenio’s parents were shocked.

“My husband and I don't put our political views on social media. Kids still do it. That's their life. We tell them don't do it, but even if she does she should never be hit like that,” Gina Armenio told KGO.

Jade reported she is also receiving hate mail online but is remaining defiant.

“In high school if you really care about what every person thinks you're going to get torn apart,” she added.

A statement issued by the school's principal advised that disciplinary measures had been taken after law enforcement were involved in the investigation. No further details were provided.

The attack on Armenio is only the latest in a series of incidents since Trump’s victory Nov. 8.

Chris Ball said he was the target of a homophobic attack by Trump supporters in a bar in Santa Monica, California.

“They were hurling homophobic things and allegedly saying things like ‘We got a new president you f***ing f*****s’,” Ball said, reports The Sun.

Ball said he was assaulted by a group of Trump supporters in an alley after leaving the bar. The group smashed a bottle over Ball’s head, leaving him covered in blood.

He later required five staples.

“Just wanted to say I’m alive and well, and still very gay,” Ball posted on Facebook after being treated for his injuries.

Sources: KGO, The Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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