High School Student Arrested After Injecting Younger Classmate With Heroin


A 17 year old New York high school student was arrested on Thursday after police discovered he injected a younger classmate with heroin at school.

Police were called to Shenendehowa High School to deal with a 15 year old student under the influence of heroin. After receiving some tips from students, officers tracked down junior student Daniel Lewis. Lewis was found to be in possession of both heroin and hypodermic needles.

As of now, it looks like the injection may have been consensual. Students report that Lewis and the younger student were seen exchanging pills in the locker room earlier that day. School Superintendent L. Oliver Robinson said this if the first ever reported incident of heroin use at Shenendehowa High.

The school posted a statement about the alarming event on their website.

"We understand that this incident will be alarming for many parents. While it is our belief that the majority of our students make good decisions, there is no doubt that some students use drugs," the statement read. "It is important for parents to know that we look to use this as a teachable moment, not only here at school, but hopefully reinforced by parents at home about the dangers of drugs, particularly addictive drugs, such as heroin."

After being arrested, Lewis was charged with a felony count of criminal injection of a narcotic drug, misdemeanor drug possession, child endangerment, and possession of hypodermic needles. 

Sources: Times Union, Huffington Post


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