High School Spanish Teacher Fired For Appearing In Playboy Three Years Ago


A high school Spanish teacher has been fired for modeling in an issue of Playboy that was released three years ago. The teacher, Cristy Nicole Deweese, was a ‘Coed of the month’ in the February 2011 issue of the magazine while she was obtaining her teaching degree. 

At 21, Deweese was only a few years older than many of her students. The school, Dallas, TX’s Townview Magnet High School, believed that her past modeling efforts and close proximity in age to her students made for an inappropriate combination. 

The firing took place only a few days after a series of publications, including Time Magazine, released information about Deneese’s modeling past. According to Time, “one parent said that students can look up the photos of Deweese on their cell phones at school, and a Texas Education Agency official questioned whether or not Deweese’s past is at odds with a state code of ethics that stipulates educators should be ‘of good moral character.’” 

It appears as if the school ultimately found Deweese’s modeling career to be of poor moral character, as she lost her job about a week after those articles were published. 

It’s unfortunate that Deweese was punished for something that she did several years prior to her employment at the school, but the former teacher appears comfortable with her firing, explaining that she’s going to continue her modeling career. “I miss the kids, so I’m sad about that, but otherwise I’m doing fine. I’m just hoping they find a new teacher soon so it doesn’t affect the students,” Deweese wrote in a series of tweets.

Deneese has already started a new profile on the model casting site “Model Mayhem,” in which she lists “8 years experience” and writes “I’ve been modeling since I was 12, quit for a while to pursue teaching and now I’m back."

On Twitter and Model Mayhem, Deweese’s story seems to be gaining her some attention, which she can potentially transfer into some acting gigs. 

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