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High School Seniors Release 10K Crickets into School, Banned from Graduation

Seven seniors were banned from their graduation ceremony after releasing 10,000 crickets into the halls of East Carter High School in Grayson, Kentucky.

Principal Larry Kiser said the crickets were hiding in the school several days later, so exterminators had to be called in.

He added that the seven students would not receive their high school diplomas until they paid a $600 fine.

However, many seniors are defending the "cricket clan" and want them to be able to attend graduation.

"We've been to school with them since we were in diapers. It's not fair to us to not have them there with us," student Alissa Lawson told WSAZ-TV.

"Graduation is one of those lifetime milestones and these kids with no previous records of any sort, I think it's a little overreaching," said Kentucky State Senator Robin Webb.

"It is the stance of the Carter County School District that these actions, while meant to be a prank of sorts, are unacceptable," said school officials in a statement.

Source: WSAZ-TV


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