Student Barred From Commencement Due To Shorts (Photo)

Yet another student was denied the opportunity to walk with his class because of his attire.

At Wagner High School in San Antonio, Texas, Davis Byrant-McKinnies was not allowed to participate in his graduation ceremony because he was wearing shorts with his button-up shirt, KENS reports. Furthermore, his name was not even mentioned as part of the Judson Independent School District commencement service.

"I didn't get no type of recognition," Byrant-McKinnies told KENS. "They just crossed my name out like I was dead, like I was not there, like I didn’t graduate." 

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His family is reportedly furious and believe the actions taken by the school district were far too harsh. Bryant-McKinnies said his mother brought some pants for him to wear, but he was still forbidden from walking and was escorted away by two policemen.

"I understand he had shorts on, but give me a reason why you didn't acknowledge that he graduated," Edmond Baker-Davis told the news station. "His name could have been called at least."

Steve Linscomb, spokesperson for the school district, said Byrant-McKinnies had already known about the dress code before being denied the opportunity to walk with his class.

"His reaction was, 'I'm a trend setter,'" Linscomb said. "Well, be that as it may, but you can't walk across the stage unless you have some pants on."

Linscomb added that the punishment was appropriate as the dress code requirement was "laid out numerous times."

The high school senior, who was an all-star football player at the high school, said this incident has been hard for his loved ones.

"That really tore apart of my family, and my mom's heart, too, because she didn't get to see me graduate," he said.

At Amite High School in Amite, Louisiana, Andrew Jones made national headlines after he was denied the opportunity to walk with his graduating class because of his facial hair, WVUE reported. Jones said his beard had not been an issue throughout his entire high school career.

"I feel they should have let me march," Jones said to WVUE. "The hair on my face has nothing to do with school. I wasn't distracting anybody."

Jones was the class valedictorian, a star athlete, and was offered a scholarship to attend Southeastern Louisiana University.

"He's got a child, he's got a baby and he's still managed those grades," said his aunt, Sabrina Davis.

The local NAACP is investigating the incident.

Sources: KENS, WVUE / Photo Credit: KENS

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