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High School Principal Floored By Incredible Senior Prank

A high school senior asked her principal to hold a bucket in the hallway and didn’t give him a reason why, and when he finally decided to do as she asked, the results moved him to tears.

Wichita high school principal Sherman Padgett had no idea what to expect when senior Emily Jones, 17, asked him to hold a bucket in the hallway.

“She didn’t say anything about why. She just said ‘hold the bucket,’” Padgett recalled. “I’m not going to hold the bucket unless I have a little inkling of why it could be.”

“The seniors are playing a prank on you, and they need you to hold the bucket,” Jones told him. “Just do it.”

Padgett eventually relented, and much to his surprise, students began walking by him and putting notes into the bucket that he held in his hands. By the time the students had all gone by, Padgett went back to his office to read the notes and was shocked by what he read.

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“Thank you for making high school the best years of my life,” one note read.

“You’ve made my first year experience in America one that I will always fondly remember,” read another.

“I love you, Mr. Padgett,” another student wrote. “High school has been wonderful with you as my principal.”

Jones says she came up with this idea for her class’s senior prank because she wanted to show Padgett how grateful they all are for him.

“I wanted to do something nice for Mr. Padgett before any of the mean seniors did something horrible,” Jones said. “We talked about senior prank ideas that weren’t going to harm the school. … So we thought, ‘How about if we do something nice?’”

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Padgett says he was moved to tears after reading some of the notes.

“Became a little emotional on some of them,” Padgett said, according to Fox 8, “I kind of read them and thought, ‘Man, this is better than a paycheck. This is why I do the things that I do.’”

Sources: Fox 8, CNN, The Wichita Eagle / Photo Source: The Wichita Eagle


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