High School Punishes Honors Student Erin Cox for Driving Drunken Friend Home From Party


A high school senior in North Andover, Mass., was recently punished for driving her drunken friend home from a party, though she had not been drinking — or even attending the party, for that matter.

Erin Cox, a North Andover High School honor student, received a call from her friend who was too drunk to drive and asked Erin to give her a ride home. Erin agreed to come pick her up after she was off work.

Moments after Erin arrived, the cops showed up. Police began busting several students for underage possession of alcohol.

Police agreed that Erin had not been drinking and was not in possession of alcohol. However, according to school officials, Erin was in violation of the district’s zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use.

Erin was later demoted from captain of the volleyball team and was prohibited from playing on the team for five games.

“She’s very fragile and I’m worried about her,” Erin’s mother Eleanor Cox told WBZ-TV on Sunday. “Very worried about her. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

According to WBZ-TV, the Cox family filed a lawsuit in District Court on Friday but a lawyer for the school district argued against any kind of injunction. The judge ruled the court did not have jurisdiction.

The Cox family’s attorney, Wendy Murphy, is attempting to get Erin’s punishment reversed.

“If a kid asks for help from a friend, you don’t want that kid to say ‘I’m sorry I can’t help you. I might end up in trouble at school,’” said Murphy.

Source: CBS, The Blaze


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