High School Principal David Adney Tells Teen Girls: "Cover Your Butts Up"


David Adney, principal of Minnetonka High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota, recently sent out an email to high school parents, asking them to talk to their teen daughters about wearing spandex-like yoga pants or other tight leggings, which expose "more leg and backside" and can "be highly distracting for other students."

More than 70 parents and other high schools called or e-mailed Adney supporting his message, reports the Star Tribune.

In response, Adney told the Star Tribune:  "It must have touched a nerve. It's not about trying to be the clothing police, it's just a sensitivity issue. Hopefully with us being the first to speak up, it will create a lot of conversations."

Many girls apparently wear yoga pants to school two to three times a week because they're comfortable, but some gals are wearing see-through nylon tights as leggings.

Adney added: "This new trend doesn't seem right, it's troubling. Cover your butts up. I'm just going to say it straight up. We're seeing too much."

Don Johnson, executive director of the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals, said schools are legally allowed to list clothing restrictions in handbooks, which are approved by school boards.

Johnson added: "Minnetonka High School is often the lightning rod. It's a large high school and with fairly well-to-do students who can afford the latest fashion, and they have high expectations for education."


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