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High School Players Follow Kaepernick's Lead (Photos)

High school football players across the country are taking a knee during the national anthem in support of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

After Kaepernick took a knee for the national anthem at a preseason NFL game, high school players around the U.S. began repeating the gesture in solidarity, according to USA Today High School Sports.

Kaepernick himself began retweeting examples of the gesture after photos from high school football games started to spread on Twitter. 

At Waggener High School in Louisville, Kentucky, one player took a knee while the rest of his team stood. The player eventually stood once the music started to play, according to MSN.

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The majority of the football team at Maury High in Norfolk, Virginia, took a knee for the anthem, while a handful of players stood with their coaches. Coach Chris Fraser said he supports his players' right to believe in their cause, USA Today High School Sports.

"Our school system has said, we're of the belief, we let our guys do what they believe in," Fraser told the Virginian Pilot. "And so we didn't make an issue of it, and if they believe in a cause, that's fine. I stand behind what they believe in, but I'm going to do what I believe in."

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In Rockford, Illinois, a group of players at Auburn High took a knee for the anthem, while the rest of the team stood with their hands on their hearts.

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A large number of players from a Minneapolis, Minnesota, high school took a knee for the anthem, as well.

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Sources: MSNUSA Today High School Sports / Photo Credit: Shaun King/Twitter via USA Today High School Sports

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