Student Told To Change Hair Color Or Leave School


A Danville, Alabama, student was told to leave school because of the color and style of her hair.

Danville High School freshman Destiny Collins decided to experiment with her hair and paid a steep price.

“I feel like my hair shouldn't really be a problem because it's just me expressing myself,” Destiny told WAFF. The vice principal quickly took notice of Destiny's hair and told her she faced discipline if she didn’t change it.

“What really made me upset is that he told me to dye my hair or don't come back to school,” she said. 

Destiny's mother, Patricia Roberts, said the issue has come up before.

“By the second week of school, she got called into the office and said she had to color her hair,” Roberts said. “As the year progressed, kids were still going in and out of school with their colored hair."

Roberts said she questioned why her daughter was being disciplined but not other students — even citing the school’s website, which featured photos of other students with colored hair.

“Either go by the guidelines or don't go by the guidelines but you can't just pick and choose who's going to and who's not,” Roberts said. The school’s dress code states that “disruptive or distracting hair colors shall be prohibited,” though it’s up to the principal to decide what is appropriate and what is not.

“This student never received any discipline over this issue. Nor was she ever told not to come back to school,” Danville High School principal Marty Chambers said. “I have discussed proper dress code with other students, not just Collins."

In a similar incident, noted by WTVR, a Virginia child was threatened with expulsion from his private school if he refused to cut his hair to a shorter, acceptable length. The student, Isaiah Freeman, ultimately left the school after his parents decided that his son should be able to choose how long his hair is. 

Sources: WAFF, WTVR / Photo credit: WAFF

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