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Confederate Flag Photo Sparks Controversy In Chapel Hill, N.C. (Video)

A photograph of two young girls waving Confederate flags has angered and upset students and parents at East Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, after the image was posted to Instagram and has since gone viral.

The picture was reportedly taken by a student at the school and shows the teen girls waving the flags while at the Gettysburg National Battlefield during a school trip that took place a few weeks ago, reports ABC 11. The person who posted the photo captioned it: "South will rise."

Several people commented on the photo, which has since been removed from the social media site. One person replied, "Already bought my first slave."

The identity of the student who posted the photo has not been revealed because of his age, but the school confirmed that it is addressing the issue -- though a specific action plan has not been made public.

Superintendent Thomas Forcella reportedly wrote a letter to the school's staff, addressing the issue. He encouraged teachers to consider how "an understanding of race and discrimination, and their still-existing impact, is integrated into our curriculum and not taught as isolated topics."

Forcella continued: "We must be sure our students understand how race impacts our lives, and how that impact can, and should be, both significant and positive. The future of our community, state and nation depends on it."

Some parents responded angrily to the photo.

"I think that people don't take it serious enough. I'm no different than a white parents that loves their child that works hard to provide their child some of the good things in life," parent Jolanda Johnson told ABC 11.

Even though the image was deleted from Instagram, it can be found on ABC11 WTVD's Facebook page, where it has been shared more than 750 times. Several people weighed in with their thoughts on this photo, with many opposing this image: "One person's comment was 'Already bought my first slave.' .....That's the problem." 

Numerous commentors suggested this wasn't a big deal and defended the girls' right to wave the Confederate flag.

"Bailey Marie" received more than 830 "likes" when she wrote: "Okay so we r [sic] more worried about this but it's okay for morons to stomp on the American flag? Wtf."

And a woman named "Brittany Whitted" wrote: "I'm black and there is a confederate flag in my house and of many that I no [sic]. The south will rise is a saying. Stop making everything about race and parents get over yourself. I'm a proud southern woman and I see nothing wrong with this." 

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Sources: ABC 11, Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook


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