High School Football Game Canceled After Huge Brawl, Police Arrests (Video)


A high school football game between Garfield Heights and Collinwood High School in Garfield Heights, Ohio, was canceled on Friday after a wild brawl broke out, which led to a heavy police response and arrests.

The incident reportedly began in the third quarter when a cheap shot happened on the field after a play (video below).

Players began to retaliate, and fans joined the melee.

According to Fox 8, several police departments responded to the brawl, two people were taken to the hospital and three folks were arrested.

Apparently, before the fight occurred on the field, some police officers were already breaking up a fight between some fans in the stands.

Garfield Heights and Collinwood High School both received a loss for the game.

WKYC reports that the Garfield Heights City Schools later said in a statement:

Because the safety and security of every person who attends co-curricular activities at the Garfield Heights City Schools is of the utmost importance, district officials, game officials and security personnel made the decision to cancel the game instantaneously. Local officials took appropriate action, and the community can rest assured knowing that those students of the Garfield Heights City Schools who were involved will be swiftly and appropriately dealt with by the district.

Sources: Fox 8, WKYC


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