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High School Dean Used Wife's Phone to Seduce, Harass Students

Malik Taylor, a former dean at a New York City high school, is accused of having sex with four students and sexually harassing four other pupils.

Taylor, 31, reportedly sent text messages and called the girls from his wife's cellphone, notes the New York Post.

Taylor was the dean at the Business of Sports School, which focuses on preparing students for the business world.

He resigned on May 28 after a 19-year-old student, whom he allegedly had sex with, told a teacher, Tarawhona Bellevue, about a relationship that Taylor was supposedly in with another student.

Richard Condon, special commissioner for investigation for city schools, told CBS New York: "He made remarks to students about the size of their buttocks of the size of their breasts, or told them what he would like to do to them."

Taylor reportedly admitted to having sex with two students in empty classrooms after school.

Investigators say that one of the girls that Taylor had sex with was 16 years old. The age of consent in New York is 17.

Taylor is currently in Georgia visiting relatives.

Sources: New York Post and CBS New York


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