'I Was Just Shocked': Girl Thrown To The Ground By High School Coach (Video)


Colorado girl Areeon Frilot was thrown to the ground by her coach last week after a fight broke out during a basketball game with a rival school.

Only a few minutes were left in the game between Arvada and Alameda High Schools when the fight erupted. Frilot, a sophomore player, was sitting on the Arvada High bench when the fight broke out. She tried to run over and break things up, but she barely made it off the bench before the team’s head coach Roger Griffin grabbed her by the hair and tossed her to the ground.

"My first reaction was that I just got thrown by another girl from the team,” Frilot said. "I was just shocked, like I can't believe that the one person I trusted out of everybody in school was the one to do that to me.”

Although Griffin warned Frilot that he would step in if she got involved in a fight, the girl’s mother Melissa Martinez said she was shocked that Griffin’s actions went unpunished.

“There was no, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it was an accident,’” Martinez said. “He was just as angry as I was. Like I had assaulted his child.”

Frilot noted that she received no respect from the school’s administration and that they never asked after her condition the following day.

Martinez has since complained to the Lakewood police, who investigated into the incident. On Friday, police told Martinez that the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office had decided not to file charges. A spokesperson for the school district noted that since the district attorney wasn’t filing charges, they considered the matter closed for comment.

To date, video footage of the event has accumulated around 75,000 views on YouTube.

Sources: BroBible, WPTV / Photo Credit: ABC


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