High School Boys Hold NFL-Style Draft For Prom Dates

Students at Corona del Mar High School in California were reprimanded over the weekend for holding an NFL-style draft for prom dates, which the high school’s principal said objectifies the girls involved.

“It is not OK for any student to be objectified or judged in any way,” Kathy Scott, principal of Corona del Mar High School, said.

According to one student, junior and senior boys draw random numbers for the draft and can even purchase more desirable draft picks. In one case, a junior paid $140 to get a first-rank pick.

“It’s awkward because he spent a large amount of money to go with someone he doesn’t talk to,” the student reported. “And she finds it awkward that he chose her.”

Though the draft has drawn complaints from students, the main concern among prom-goers is that sophomore girls are sometimes given preference over juniors. Generally, the draft is honored by all students and has been a long-standing tradition among the student body.

At the neighboring school Estancia High School, the Feminists United club released a statement noting that prom is only a way to celebrate the end of a successful academic year. The group argued that the boys at Corona del Mar must be “confused about the time we live in” if they think being asked to prom is a high honor.

In an email to parents, Scott noted that the draft is inconsistent with the school’s high standards and encouraged parents to speak about it with their children.

Sources: Orange County Register, LA Times


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