High School Basketball Fans Accused of Racism For Chanting "USA!"


In San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, Alamo Heights won a decisive victory over San Antonio Edison in a high school basketball game. However, the victory celebration afterwards spurred controversy.

After the trophy presentation, the Alamo Heights fans chanted "U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A," which set off a firestorm.

The "U-S-A" chant is a popular refrain at American sporting events, but in international competition. It's unclear why an American school would chant that while celebrating a win over a fellow American school.

SAISD (San Antonio Independent School District) officials believe they have the answer. They took the chant as a racial insult against a school with all minority players -- by a school with mostly white ones.

SAISD Spokeswoman Leslie Price told KSAT-TV: "This is very disrespectful to our students. It is surprising and it's disappointing to hear that anyone would be out there making those kind of remarks."

Alamo Heights Superintendent Dr. Kevin Brown apologized for the chant: "We just hope that people know that that's not who we are and we're not going to let it happen again."

Alamo Heights said the students identified as chanting "USA, USA, USA" will also have to apologize and have been banned from the state title games.


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