High School Basketball Coach Charged With Statutory Rape For Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Student


Salacious allegations of an affair between an assistant coach and a 16-year-old student took a turn when Megan Mahoney, 24, was arrested on Monday. The student’s name was withheld, but he attends the prestigious Moore Catholic High School in Staten Island, New York, where Mahoney coached basketball and served as the assistant athletic director.

Mahoney was booked on 30 charges of statutory rape and four counts of “criminal sexual acts” because of mutual oral sex that she and the student allegedly engaged in “at least two times per month during said period,” the New York Post reported. 

The affair began in late October 2013 and lasted two months. Mahoney resigned from her position that January under pressure from school officials, sources told the New York Post.

Although investigators believed Mahoney and the boy had sexual relations on campus, the student told the New York Post, “We would just drive around and [have sex] in the car…“

The couple never discussed the legality of their relationship. “We were never boyfriend-girlfriend,” he said. “It was cool. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.”

After Mahoney resigned, the student allegedly suffered retaliation from his other teachers. “They were looking to fail me,” he said. 

His mother agreed and emailed New York’s Archdiocese that April looking for answers, but she never got any. Just two months later, a case worker showed up at the student’s house investigating allegations of un-fit parenting filed by Moore Catholic High School. The complaint was later dismissed as unfounded.

This is not the first student-teacher sex scandal to rock the prestigious institution. Sources told the New York Post that in either 2006 or 2007, another female coach was reported for sexual relations with an underage female student. Richard Postiglione, Moore’s athletic director and chief operating officer, allegedly allowed the affair to continue for years. “[Postiglione] knew about it in the first year and let it continue for four more years,” the source said.

Mahoney was released without bail but refused to comment on her case. The Archdiocese of New York has pledged their support in the investigation.

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail

Image via Staten Island Advance, Gabriella Bass/NY Post


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