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High School Basketball Coach Appears To Head-butt Referee During Game (Video)

It’s not uncommon for tensions between coaches and referees to rise in the heat of competition, but a video (below) of Neshaminy High School’s head basketball coach, Jerry Devine, allegedly head-butting a referee may result in disciplinary action and criminal charges.

During a Jan. 5 game in Middletown, Pennsylvania, Devine went onto the court to dispute a call. The referee, who has not been identified, fell onto the floor after Devine appeared to head-butt him.

A different video shows that Devine might have hit the referee’s chest or shoulder, according to The Huffington Post.

"I think he intended to get in the guy's chest,” local broadcaster Chris Ermer told ESPN. "But as he did it, he was off balance and went down. You can't say he didn't intend to make contact, but I don't think he was trying to head-butt the ref.”

The referee was able to resume monitoring the game, but Devine was ejected. 

“District administration will be reviewing this incident,” school spokesman Chris Stanley told Levittown Now.

The incident will also be reviewed by police.

“No one involved in this incident has even reached out to the police department as of now, so all we have is the video,” Middletown Township Police Chief Joe Bartorilla told NBC Philadelphia. "But because we have that, we will do an investigation."

Sources: The Huffington Post, ESPN, Levittown Now, NBC Philadelphia / Photo credit: YouTube

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