High School Baseball Star Loses Scholarship After Yelling N-Word (Video)

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A star baseball player at Pinole Valley High School in Alameda, California, was reportedly caught on video using the N-word.

The incident was caught on a cell phone video (below) after a game against Saint Mary's College High School of Berkeley last Wednesday, notes ABC 7 News.

The racial slurs were addressed to a Saint Mary's High School player's black family.

The sound is hard to hear on the video, but RawStory.com reports that the young man said, "F------ n--------."

After the video was widely shared on social media sites, California State University Northridge dropped the high school baseball player who had signed a letter of intent to accept a scholarship.

The family, who were called the slurs, hopes that the young man learns the power of words and wished him well during the healing process.

Sources: ABC 7 News, RawStory.com
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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