High School Bans Pro-Gay T-Shirts, but Allows Conservative Politics on Campus


Two students at Celina High School in Mercer County, Ohio, wore t-shirts that read “Lesbian 1″ and “Lesbian 2,” but were forced to remove them on the school's 'Twin Day,' last week.

In support of the girls, about twenty students went to school, on Tuesday. wearing t-shirts that read: “I Support [Gay Rainbow] Express Yourself” and “Straight but Supportive," reports HyperVocal.com.

Assistant Principal Phil Metz forced all the students to remove the shirts because they were "political," yet the school promotes a pro-life club whose t-shirts feature which a fetus and promote pro-life positions. Also, the school recently hosted a Romney campaign event at which Rep. Paul Ryan spoke.

School Superintendent Jesse Steiner told HyperVocal.com: "The only reason they would be told that they couldn’t wear something is if it is a disruption of the educational process, or if it’s not allowed in the handbook. And there’s a line in our handbook about drawing undue attention to yourself."

The students and the school are consulting lawyers.

Mike Brickner, Ohio ACLU Director of Communications & Public Policy, told HyperVocal.com: "It sounds like the school is trying to silence the students who are passively expressing a viewpoint on the basis that individuals who disagree with that message will be upset and disruptive. This is not a valid justification for suppressing free speech."


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