High School Art Teacher Suspended For Ranting About His Colleagues' Sex Scandal On Facebook


Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Ghirelli, 30, both of Covina, California, were arrested last week for allegedly having sex with their students. Lippert was a teacher at South Hills High School in West Covina, California, and Ghirelli taught in the same school district, but they both allegedly had sex with male students.

Now, Sean Patrick Kane, an art teacher at South Hills High School, has been put on paid leave after commenting on his colleagues’ arrest on Facebook. In a rant he posted on Facebook, Kane wrote, in part, “All I gotta say is everyone knew … [the students] should have kept [their] stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it.”

Covina Valley Unified School district spokeswoman Michelle Van Der Linden told NBC Los Angeles, “We can't dictate what somebody is going to put on their own personal Facebook page, but at the same time we would expect teachers to be professional.”

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"He needs to be fired too, that's what I think, because there's no telling what he's doing,” Vaughn Johnson, a local parent, told reporters. "If he feels that they should've kept their mouth closed, or if he feels that it’s okay, what is he doing behind closed doors?”

According to LAist, students reacted to Kane’s suspension by taking to Twitter to defend him. Some students used the hashtag ‘#FreeKane’ to garner support. Many of the students said Kane was one of their best teachers.

Sources: NBC Los Angeles, LAist / Image via LAist


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