High Price Gas Stations Angry Over Cheaper City Gas Pump (Video)


The city of Somerset, Kentucky recently opened its own filling station, which has infuriated local gas stations that have been charging high gas prices.

The Somerset Fuel Center began selling gas to the public last Saturday at $3.36 a gallon. About 75 customers filled up at the no-frills gas station in the span of three hours (video below).

Soon after the Somerset Fuel Center opened, local gas stations cut their prices by about 10 cents, notes CarandDriver.com.

Somerset Mayor Eddie Girdler says the new city gas station was built because residents had complained about high gas prices for years.

"We are one community that decided we've got backbone and we're not going to allow the oil companies to dictate to us what we can and cannot do," Mayor Girdler told the Associated Press. "We're going to start out small. Where it goes from here we really don't know."

Mayor Girder claims the city isn't trying to profit, but rather lower gas prices and bring more visitors into the city and a popular nearby vacation spot, Lake Cumberland.

"We don't care if we don't sell a drop of gasoline," Mayor Girder stated. "Our objective is to lower the price."

The city station gets its gas from a local refinery, and the bare bones pump doesn't sell food or drinks, just gas.

"They've used the taxpayer money that I have paid them over these years to do this, to be against us," stated Duane Adams, a convenience store owner. "I do not see how they can't see that as socialism."

However, most of the town's citizens applaud the idea.

"I'm glad somebody finally got some sense and lowered the prices," Patty Gossett stated.

"As long as I can get gas cheaper, that's really what I care about," Samir Cook said.

“We’re not putting anyone out of business, we’re just trying to lower prices,” city station manager Melody Price told CarandDriver.com. “Everyone out here is happy.”

Sources: CarandDriver.comAssociated Press


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