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High-Flying Extreme Athlete Falls To His Death

Tancrede Melet thrilled many as an extreme-sports athlete who specialized in high-altitude stunts, but the 32-year-old who lived in the clouds died during a performance in France on Jan. 5.

Melet, a father-of-one who had left his desk job years earlier to follow his passion, fell about 100 feet from a hot air balloon as part of a stunt above the Drome region.

Melet was considered a pioneer in the art of skyline, in which he would walk across a slack line suspended between two high points with little or no safety gear, CBS News reports.

At the time of the fatal accident, Melet was attached to a hot air balloon when it unexpectedly lifted up. His teammates on the “Flying Frenchies” were able to detach themselves, but Melet got stuck. The balloon then lifted 100 feet in the air, at which point he fell.

Melet’s teammates described the thrill-seeker as "an amazing lover of life” who left a legacy of "wonderful memories, a taste for freedom, and heads full of dreams."

Sources: NBC News, CBS News / Photo credit: Flying Frenchies/Facebook

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