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Hidden Home Camera Catches Thief Breaking In, Leads To His Arrest (Video)

A family whose home had recently been broken into twice decided to set up a video camera in their living room to catch the thief on film. As you can see in the video below, their decision paid off.

Edward Difu set the camera up after a robber had stolen jewelry, prescription drugs, and tech devices from his home in recent months. Sure enough, the camera captured a thief wriggling through a window opening next to a portable air conditioning unit.

Difu gave the video to local police, who matched the face seen on vide with prior mug shots and identified the criminal.

“Cops found him and got a full confession. Another crook off the streets,” Diffu said on Reddit. Difu says police “showed him the video and he instantly spilled the beans.”

Here’s the home video:

Source: The Blaze, Reddit


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