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Hidden Cemetery Discovered In Michigan (Photos)

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Hidden graves were discovered on a historic complex in Westland, Michigan.

According to WDIV, the graveyard at the Eloise complex has been talked about since the complex closed in 1984. It was discovered around the end of August 2015 by resident John Byrnes.

“I grew up around Eloise,” Byrnes told WDIV. "I knew there was a cemetery with markers because you hear the stories when you're growing up. So I decided one day to come out here and look, and here it is."

The graves are located in an empty field several hundred yards from the old Eloise mental hospital.

Byrnes first stumbled upon a stone marker with the number 18 on it, and quickly enlisted the help of friends to find even more. Eventually, they uncovered stones with numbers in the 3,000s.

The group is now 12 volunteers strong and trying to identify people buried there.

“We come in with all of our tools, our shovels, our screwdrivers,” volunteer Felicia Sills said. “And then we dig, we shovel, we clean it off."

The group is receiving attention on social media, mostly from people trying to find out if their relatives were buried in the once-unmarked graveyard. 

“It's a lot of people that were poor,” said Byrnes, who believes most of the bodies were buried there between 1910 and 1948. "They were sick, no family to claim them, and this is the place where they just started putting bodies."

Though the volunteers have uncovered only 400 graves so far, it is estimated that there are over 7,000 on the site.

"Before the uncovering it was more of a local myth and folk story, a folk story that has come true," Reddit user MoreThanTwice wrote.

Sources: WDIV, Reddit / Photo credit: WDIV

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