Hidden Cameras Discovered In Bedrooms And Bathrooms Rented To Female Tenants (Photos)


A Colorado woman made a surprising, unwelcome discovery inside her rental apartment.

Local investigators found hidden video cameras placed in rooms for rent that were specifically advertised to women. 

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The woman in question had recently moved into the residence when she found the first camera inside of a carbon monoxide detector placed in her bedroom. According to Sky Hi Daily News, she contacted the Grand County Sheriff’s Office after examining the detector. She noticed that something looked suspicious, which is when she spotted the video camera. Deputies discovered an antenna and a small camera inside of the casing of the imitation detector, after which a search warrant was obtained.

Deputies believe that other women are victims as well, since cameras have since been discovered in several rooms throughout the residence. Carbon monoxide detectors and alarm systems were used to hide the cameras in other bedrooms and guest rooms, and a fan was discovered with a hidden camera in the bathroom.

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“It is extremely concerning to me that innocent women were unknowingly having video taken of them in private areas of the home they were renting,” said Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin. “We would like to identify as many victims as possible as we move forward with this investigation.”

Using the footage from the hidden cameras throughout the residence, some victims in the case have been identified. As the suspect in question has been renting out the residence for several years, deputies are still trying to determine the identities of other women who have lived in the house.

The suspect, whose identity has yet to be released by the media, has advertised rooms for rent on Craig’s List for women who worked at the Winter Park Ski Resort. Charges are pending against the owner of the residence at address 295 Mountain View Avenue, also known as Grand County Road 541, which is an unpaved, remote area.

“We need to reach these women to identify them for this case,” Dan Mayer with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office told KCNC-TV.

Investigators are asking potential victims and anyone with more information to contact Investigator Pam Perchiera at 970 725-3343

Sources: KCNC-TV News, Ski Hi Daily News / Photo credit: KCNC-TV News

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