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Hidden Camera Shows Airport Baggage Handlers Stealing From Miami Airport (Video)

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In video footage obtained by CNN, baggage handlers have been caught stealing on planes and from supposedly secure areas of the airport.

The footage even caught a security guard in on the theft.

The video follows a series of arrests in the Miami-Dade airport in an attempt to stop thefts altogether. Since 2012, 31 ramp workers have been arrested after their thefts were caught on camera

“A lot of times there is no other response other than shock that they were caught,” Lieutenant Peter Estis told CNN reporter Drew Griffin. “That’s ok with us. As many of them that we can take off the airfield, the better it is for everybody that travels through Miami international airport.”

According to CNN, thefts like this are not just happening in Miami.

Over the past five years, the TSA has received more than 31,000 passenger claims of items missing from luggage. Some 25,000 of those claims were for valuables missing from checked bags; the other items had reportedly disappeared from TSA checkpoints. Notably, more than 500 TSA agents have been fired for theft since 2002.

“I believe there is a connection between baggage thefts and potential terrorism,” police chief at Los Angeles International Airport Pat Gannon said, according to CNN. “I think that is a breakdown in their moral fiber, and that’s why we take it very seriously here.”

After items began going missing at the Los Angeles airport, Gannon said the number of thefts was cut by 60 percent when they began doing aggressive investigative work. 

Sources: CNN, NBC News / Photo Credit: YouTube


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