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Hidden Camera Catches Russian Nanny Beating 2-Year-Old Boy (Video)

Russian parents of a 2-year-old boy installed a hidden camera at their home after noticing that their son had become shy and withdrawn, only to find out that their new nanny was beating him and locking him in a room.

Julia Gotz, 32, Vladislav’s mother, installed the surveillance system after she became suspicious that changes in her son’s behavior were connected to the way nanny Galina Sicheva, 45, was treating him, the Daily Mail reported.

The hidden cameras installed at teir Novo home in Krasnodar Krai state revealed Sicheva repeatedly beating Vladislav, screaming at him for crying and locking him up for extended periods of time as punishment for his actions.

His mother called the police, but the nanny claimed she had beaten the 2-year-old because she was under a lot of stress and she had been simply trying to make sure the boy grew up correctly.

“I love this little fellow as if he was my own son,” Sicheva added.

Gotz refused to accept her reason for treating the child in the rough way she did.

“The woman caught on camera was a different woman to the one we saw when she was with our son and we were there,” Gotz said.

It has not yet been determined if the nanny faces charges or what came as a result of the graphic surveillnace video, which can be viewed below.


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