Hidden Bra Cam Shows How Many Times A Day People Stare At A Woman's Breasts (Video)


People aren’t very discrete when they stare at breasts – any woman can tell you this. Men might think their quick glimpses go unnoticed, but women are painfully aware when they're being ogled at. 

Nestle Fitness published a video last week proving this exact point. The company sent a woman wearing a hidden camera under her bra out into the streets. In the video, a ticker keeps track of every time someone stares at the woman’s breasts. It doesn’t take long for the ticker to register almost 40 stares.

To be fair, the woman was wearing a bright pink top showing plenty of cleavage. A top like that is meant to attract attention. Nevertheless, the video is proof positive that breast are a magnet for human eyes.

Here it is:

Source: YouTube


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