"Hiccup Girl" Accused of Murder is Mentally Challenged, Says Mom


Hiccup Girl was in court yesterday for a bond hearing. She has been charged with first degree murder and has been held without bond since her arrest. During the hearing yesterday, Jennifer Mee began crying and then started hiccuping. A lot. Almost the entire hearing. Mee's mom says that Jennifer has a learning disability, is illiterate and has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. Mee's attorney asked that Jennifer be released to her parents. Seriously?

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She is charged with first degree murder. How can you let someone out on no bond to stay with her parents? She is 19 and an adult. Was she manipulated by the guys she was with? Maybe, but she is the one who allegedly lured the murder victim out of the house using her Hiccup Girl status to get him to meet.

I have a big problem letting her out on no bond.


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