Heroic Young Boy Thwarts Kidnapping Attempt

Six-year-old Kaylen Woodard may be young, but he is certainly not lacking in courage.

Kaylen is being hailed as a hero today after he managed to stop a grown man from kidnapping a girl in his neighborhood last week.

Kaylen was playing with his 10-year-old neighbor Marcy Edwards last Thursday when a man pulled up in a convertible and got out of the car. The man walked over and grabbed Marcy and began forcefully dragging her away. 

Many young children witnessing this situation would run away in fear of being kidnapped themselves, but not Kaylen. When he saw the man grab Marcy, he ran over and repeatedly kicked him in the legs. His kicks were enough to help Marcy loosen herself from the would-be kidnapper’s grip, and she ran home safely.

"The only way she got away is because I kicked him in the back of the leg and the outside of his leg," Kaylen said.

Marcy’s mother, Tracey Edwards, spoke to ABC Chicago about the incident.

“She [Marcy] was running with the scooter in hand,” Edwards said. “She came in the house and she was panting. And she was explaining that a man had grabbed her.”

Marcy explained to her mother that it was Kaylen who intervened and helped her escape the abduction. Naturally, Marcy's mother is overwhelmed with gratitude for the young man’s brave actions.

“I call him my little hero,” Edwards said. “We are blessed that he was there.”

Police are still searching for the man they believe was behind the attempted kidnapping.

Sources: ABC Chicago, Mail Online


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